Human Tissue Microarray (DLV1503)

Hepatic hepatocellular carcinoma tissue microarray, 2 cores per case (duplicate cores from the same patient were put onto two rows in the same position). Pathology grade, TNM Classification, and Clinical stage information available.

- 59 cases of liver hepatocellular carcinoma
-1 case of liver clear cell type hepatocellular carcinoma, combined hepatocellular and cholangiocarcinoma, and adenocarcinoma
- 8 cases of liver bile duct adenocarcinoma
- 3 cases of liver cirrhosis
- 2 cases of normal liver tissue

Catalogue No DLV1503
Species Human
Fixative Formalin
Total Cases 75
Total Cores 150
Core Diameter 1.5 mm
Section Thickness 5 µm
Storage Short term RT; Long term 4ºC
Usage For research use only. Designed for Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH)