Tissue Array or Tissue Microarray (TMAs)

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- Please note that our tissue microarray has fresh-cut and pre-cut options, and the fresh-cut option has a minimum order requirement.

- Custom TMA construction service available.

- Please contact sni@usbiolab or call (301) 417-4343 Ext.8093 for more details.

Tissue Microarray or tissue array or TMA are an ideal method for studying multiple human cancer / normal tissues in a single assay. TMA can be used to screen different tumor types, non-malignant tissues, and normal tissues and cells, to rapidly assess the clinical significance of molecular alterations in cancer and other diseases. Tissue microarrays aid in the analysis of tumors from patients at different stages of disease development to identify gene alteration and frequency / tumor expression of molecular markers.

Tissue microarrays allow simultaneous analysis of hundreds of tissue samples on one microscope slide in the same amount of time that was previously required for a single specimen. Tissue microarrays increase throughput, conserve precious tissue resources, improve internal experimental controls, and reduce reagent consumption.

US Biolab provides a wide variety of formalin-fixed, paraffine-embedded (FFPE) tissue arrays and tissue microarrays. Based on the availability of more than 500,000 human samples in our tissue biorepository, we have constructed more than 5000 types of high quality tissue arrays to satisfy customers' needs. 

To inquire about the current availability of TMAs or to investigate your custom tissue array, send us an inquiry via form or email or call us at (301) 417-4343 Ext.8093.