Custom Collections

US Biolab can provide custom collections based on your research needs. With the partner of global clinics sites and hospitals in our network, we can help you with your unique and difficult procurement needs.

For your collection, we can provide: 

  • Estimated accrual rates based on your collect needs
  • Custom development of Informed Consent Forms (if necessary)
  • Custom-design protocl development (if ncessary)
  • Sample collection, processing and transportation.

Each clinical site is constantly monitored and managed by our site coordinators that provide regular personal training, sample collection oversight, supply inventory and specimen logistics.

Custom Tissue Array

We provide customized Tissue Arrays with detailed clinical information based on your request. You can either select target tissue samples from our Biobank, or send your own samples to us to build Microarrays according to your needs. Tissue sample collection from outside our Biobank is also available. Over 5000 customized TMAs we made have been used by leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With our profound experience and professional facilities, we are proud of being the provider of your customized TMAs of high quality.

Molecular Pathology Services

We offer a full range of molecular pathology services including IHC, Fish, ISH, Microdissection, DNA and RNA Extraction, Digital pathology service. With well-established pathology laboratories and pathologists proficient in both clinical and academic realms, we are confident that we will achieve high-quality work and ensure your satisfaction. Please feel free to make inquiries via form or email.